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What type of hunting do you offer?

Please note different states will have their own hunt restrictions; as such Thrillations’s hunting adventures will be subject to what is acceptable in each state.

Our Hunting Adventures include:

  • Big Game e.g. - Black Bear, Caribou, Turkey, Red Stag, Moose.
  • Upland e.g. – Dove, Pheasant, Quail.
  • Waterfowl e.g. – Ducks, Geese.


  • Freshwater e.g. – Trout, Catfish, Bass, Salmon.
  • Saltwater e.g. – Barracuda, Snapper, Redfish, Sea Run, Shark.
  • Flywater e.g. - Grayling, Permit, Roosterfish.

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Will I need a Hunting license to target shoot?

All states in the U.S. require you to obtain a Hunting License to legally hunt in most areas within that state. However, Thrillations’s hunting adventures are arranged on private property; as such licenses are not required because permission is granted by the outfitters/owners.

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What is the minimum age to go hunting or fishing?

26 States have no age-minimum-limit for any kind of hunting; 7 states have different limits for big game and small game. The average age however, to start hunting and fishing, is 12-14 for most states.

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Are there other things I should be aware of?

Thrillations's congenial Customer Service Representatives will be glad to answer all your questions and make certain you are well informed about your upcoming, exciting Hunting adventure.

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